Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year -2006

Edwin - Alive


It feels so good to breathe the air
Another spin around the sun
On this speck of life
In the universe
The gift of love
Is there for everyone

Angels working over time
Day or night to hold the hands
That play all alone
A baby's born pure to the world
As the old man lays down his head and closes his eyes
With nothing said

Every year another promise is made
A pint of beer raised towards a better day
Lets find a star, a star to call our own
And make a wish, maybe we can make it home

Ain't it good to be alive?
To feel the sun, strong against your face
Strawberry blonde waves of silky hair
Spills over me like the Milky Way

Ain't it good to be alive?
Ain't it good to be alive?

Alive, alive…

Ain't it good to breathe the air
Another spin around the sun
On this speck of life in the universe
A little piece of life in everyone
Ain't it good to be alive?
Ain't it good to be alive?
To feel the sun strong against your face
It spills over me like the Milky Way

Alive, alive…


You are in my thoughts....much love to you....and success and happiness in the year to come...


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Just Added!

Radio Announcer: "It’s the White Collar Computing Tour, coming to a venue near you! You've seen them on Commodore see them LIVE!"

Bill: "I couldn't stop myself. I said, 'Forget your password?' GAAAAH! Too late! In a picosecond, he looked up. 'Nope. Just thought I'd practice my typing...Here's your Pop Up Warning!'" (Crowd Laughing and Applauding)

Radio Announcer: "Featuring Larry the Ethernet Guy…
‘Git ‘er Downloaded!’

Bill Firewall….
‘Here’s your Pop Up Warning!’

Jeff Diskworthy…
‘…YEWWWW might be a Web Geek!’

And Rom Wireless…
‘Are you Rom…Tech Salary…Wireless?’"

(Assorted "Live Show" comedy clips)

Rom: "I had the right to reboot...I just didn't have Control-Alt-Delete."
Larry: "That’s FUBAR, right there - I don’t care who you claim to be."
Jeff: "If YEW order pizza AND your date online, YEWWW might be a Web Geek!"
Rom: "Turns out they were firing everyne surfin' the 'Net that night. That's DOWNSIZING...and Downsizing's WRONG!"
Bill: "So he comes up and says, ‘Computer locked?’ I said, ‘No, you dweeb, I’m giving it a breather…’ Heeerrrreee’s your Pop Up Warning!"
Rom: "’How far will this USB cable get us?’ ‘All the way to the scene of the Hard Drive Crash!’"

Announcer: Tickets on sale at all Ticketmaster outlets…or - DUH - you can order them ONLINE at Ticketmaster-dot-com.

Rom: "’I’ll bet we’ll beat Support by a half an hour!’"
Jeff: "If YEWW think 'The Great Escape' was a movie about the birth of the PC.....YEWWW might be a Web Geek."

Announcer: "Get yours soon - This is SURE to be a SOLD-OUT event!"

Bill: "Here’s your Pop Up Warning!"
Larry: "The IT Administrator asked, 'You been drinking?' I said, 'Why - am I running Windows 95?'"
Rom: "I didn’t know how many viruses it was gonna take to wipe my files…but I knew how many they were gonna upload."

Announcer: "Be there or BE….well….YOU know!"

Rom: "That’s some useful data to have!"
Jeff: "If YEWW have both 3.5 AND 5 inch floppies….YEWWW might be a Web Geek!"
Bill: "She thought 'Pod People' were employees of Apple..."

Announcer: "Produced by Microsoft…isn’t everything?"

Jeff: "There is NO KEY labelled 'ANY!'"
Larry: "Git ‘er DOWNLOADED!!!!" (Crowds cheering)
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"Even if they chase me away......"

Gustav Mahler
"......I will have done them good."

- Gustav Mahler


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas 2006

Wedgewood-linedrawingHe who has faith has... an inward reservoir of courage, hope, confidence, calmness, and assuring trust that all will come out well even though to the world it may appear to come out most badly.

- B. C. Forbes


Christmas...another year gone by, and so many things have come and gone over the year that it is difficult for me to even enumerate them all. I have come to a place in my life where all the good things are coming together and I have much enthusiasm and optimism for what I see coming in the next several years, for the ones I love as well as for myself. I have things I want to accomplish and so much I want to see will challenging but rewarding, and I am more excited about the future than I have been in a very long time.

My family is doing well and is successful in the ventures of their lives; as with all of us, they are facing obstacles, and overcoming them, and the growth I see in them is exciting and inspiring...they are, at times, confronted with tasks that seem to be gargantuan...impossible...with grace and confidence I watch as they overcome is impossible to express in mere words how proud and happy they make me every single day.

I have been blessed to discover, in the most unusual way, how many loving and caring friends I have. It has been one of the most humbling and amazing experiences for me to know that there are so many folks who feel the same way for me as I have always felt for them...the love and concern that has been shown me and my family, I can truly never ever repay, and there is no way in the world that I could ever tell you how much it means to me.

My thoughts are with you today, my dear one, and with your family, your friends....I wish for you happiness, contentment and love, during this holiday time and throughout the year to come....and all the love in my heart I send to you....God Bless...


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Unpublished Excerpt from "Zero Main Street"

“Kyle, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
“Sure. Why not? I don’t think there’s anything good on TV this evening.”
Carrie lost her concentration.
“Yeah. Besides, it would be nice to be LEGALLY allowed to make someones’s life completely miserable. I mean, that’s what this is all about, right Father?”
The minister smiled and nodded knowingly.

Carrie was dumbfounded. What the hell is going on here? She turned around and looked at the assembly in the almost endless rows of pews. As far back as she could make out the faces, no one registered any indication that something might be amiss. Maybe I heard all this wrong…

Kyle was beaming at her almost expectantly. She turned her attention to the pastor.
“And Carrie, do you take Kyle here to be your merciless master, catering to any and every whim of his and politely averting your eyes each time he has a sordid affair with one of your contemporaries?”
“Honey, everyone is awaiting your answer…” Kyle smiled nervously and looked back to the minister, expecting some level of continuity and conclusion.

Carrie looked wildly about, hoping for some clue that her senses were not failing her. Everybody was looking at her, faking suspense that the possibility of a deviation actually existed. One gentleman feigned checking his watch and winked at her. What the fuck…? Who is that bastard?

“Are you out of your mind?”
Both the reverend and her groom to be appeared genuinely baffled.
“Honey, c’mon. Folks are waiting. This is what you wanted, right?” The father nodded his head with Kyle, as if the combined effort would have a greater chance of moving the program along.

“Okay, wait. Did you just say, ‘avert your eyes every time he has an affair?’”
“Babe, we’ve been over this time and time again. We rehearsed this just last night. Can we just get on with this and have it over and done with? Please?”
Carrie shook her head. This was like a bad dream.
“I am NOT agreeing to any such thing. You change that vow right this minute or I swear to God I will NOT marry you. Not now – not ever. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!”

Kyle looked at the pastor. They both shrugged as there eyes met.
“Whatever you want, honey. As long as you’re happy.”

The reverend shuffled back to a ceremonial table and retrieved a book. Carrie glanced back at the congregation. Excited whispering and murmuring pulsed through the crowd. Eschewing harmony for controversy seemed to have an electric effect on the attendees. Routine yawning and distracted looks had been supplanted by rapt focus and the tendency to lean forward.

Returning to the imminent newlyweds, the pastor cleared his throat and proceeded to read from the tome:

Hooked yet? Start from the beginning at

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Check out the "Mini Movie" link on the right side...this one is one of those "new classic" types, especially since it went from internet sensation to pain in the community's butt to a majorly cool holiday advertising campaign. I am sure the man that conceived the whole conglomeration is not doing it anymore, so thank goodness for responsible file archiving, which made it possible for me to share this great piece of artistry with you again this year....

Enjoy...till later, much love to you....


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No Longer an "All Honda" Shop.....

GunhaverYesterday, the firstborn was able to finally return to his roots....his first auto a GM of substance to protect his newbie driver butt from harm (and well it did on many occasions, I might add!) He now owns the lovely car shown in the photo left, dubbed "Gunhaver", in deference to its deriving its name from the Beretta handgun. It is in very good shape and has many factory accessories and options that you will not see on every Beretta still sliding down the street. For a FULL photo set with commentary, see the current entry on, internet home to many nice websites, including but not limited to BuddhaofDrumming, Monsters I Say and

Hope to be back with more later, but if not till tomorrow, enjoy the photos and check out the new Gameheads photo links from the wrap party last the meantime also, much love to you.....


As an aside - In 1975 on this date: The Altair 8800, a do-it-yourself computer kit, goes on sale for $397.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Very Gameheads Weekend

A Gameheads gathering on the setLast weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with the cast and crew of the indie movie Gameheads, as they celebrated wrap on the recording of raw video. Post production has been occurring for a while now, and all of the staff involved showed enthusiasm and excitement at the potential that the movie definitely has for success, pending some good exposure when the time comes.

I was included in this celebration by merit of my friendship with one of the actors, David Black (jeff/strollerguy/ Our efforts on his website,, and his prominent display of the Gameheads trailers on his site and outposts, hosted by our own garnered the entire "tekkbabe" clan an open invitation. The young one and the firstborn bailed on the trip due to responsibilities to sig others here at home, but I traversed the 500 miles to the home of the Gameheads production to participate in the celebration of a job completed by some, just beginning for others, and for all a great accomplishment to be proud of.

As well as meeting Gwen and Dan (also known in internet circles as Bad Buddha from Bad Buddhist Radio fame), the driving force behind the creation of this promising production, I made the acquaintances of many of the folks that worked both in front of the camera and behind the scenes during the months of rehearsals and shooting for the movie. I was also pleased to meet Karen (david's sig other) and his children, Sierra (who had a small part in the movie) and Lars (who is just darned cute). I also got to see a friend from my previous visit in July, Tim, who was also an actor in the movie.

The trip, though an eight hour drive, was sooo worth was great to finally put voices and real faces to all the people and places that I have been exposed to over the time that the movie has been in production. It was also nice to spend time with David and the people that mean so much to him...I am grateful that they were willing to share their time with me, considering the unusual way we all became connected.

All in all, IMHO, good times were definitely had...the folks earned their celebration...the sneak previews proved that lots of promising footage was captured during all their months of hard, after the Bad Buddha finishes post, the real challenge will present...getting this indie film exposure so that it can get the recognition it deserves. I think it will happen...there are certainly enough dedicated folks around to get the job done....

So, thanks to all Gameheads...I had a great time! You can count on me to represent for Gameheads whenever the opportunity presents itself!

Much love to you all....


PS - please be sure to check out the link at right for the official Gameheads wrap party photo set, hosted on

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Anything worth doing is worth doing well....

My mother...such a fountain of wisdom. There are so many times throughout every day that I harken back to all the little pearls she interspersed throughout the comings and goings of the lives of my sister and I. In my head, she has been my calming influence, and my advisor when things got a little questionable or, as I walked the young one through the monsterous maze of acquiring a drivers license in the State of Ohio, I heard her whispering in my ear more than a few times, helping me keep my frustration in check and focused on the goal, which was to facilitate one more step in his perpetual growing process.

The afternoon began with a sprint from my work to the Social Security Office, in an effort to acquire proof of the young one's social security number. The young one, that lovely person, informed me that the SECOND COPY of the card that I had helped him acquire when he got his job this year had gone missing, and we both knew that without one, even in passing the driving test, no license was to be had.

I arrived at the SS Office, noting with pleasure that it was not extraordinarily busy...good news! I thought I had all the appropriate documents, and I am his birth mother after all...assumed it would be a done deal once my number was called....but was not to be. That mean old Father Time had dealt me the raw hand of making the young one turn eighteen a little more than a month ago...he is his own man now, and his mommy can no longer access his personal private stuff; he has to do it himself. Frustrated and agitated, I called the high school and told them to have the young one in the office; that I was coming immediately to pick him up.

My old friends there did just as I had asked, and the young one was waiting for me as I wheeled up the driveway at the school. He practically had to jump in the car, "Dukes of Hazard" style, as I slowed only slightly as I passed the big front doors. Once the young one was secured in the car, I sped back down the street to the office of Social Security, this time with the "adult" in tow, so he could make arrangements for the documents he needed himself. While we awaited our turn (again), he filled out all the paperwork to request a new card.

After about fifteen minutes had passed (which was really not bad, considering) we finally approached the counter and explained our intentions. The very nice clerk there took all the young one's information, had him sign the form to authorize the sending of a new social security card to our house, and generated that irreplacable paper that we needed to prove he has a social security number to the lovely State of Ohio.

As we were walking out of the office, the young one froze in his tracks. I asked him what was wrong and he replied, "You have the papers from my temp packet, right?" I looked at him incredulously. Of course I did not have them...I had watched as he had torn up my car looking for them over the weekend, and observed as he finally entered the house, papers in hand, indicating that he was going to put them in his room "for safe keeping". Obviously he had kept them well, because they were still in his room at home, so rather than heading south to the license testing agency, we headed west to our house, so he could pick up the errant paperwork. By this time I was more than a little on the ticked side, and all I could really hope for at this point was that we would make it to the testing agency close to on time, and that on the way there we would be able to outrun the bad karma that was surrounding this endeavor so far.

For all the "fiddly-farting around" (a great mom phrase) we arrived at the license agency in South Toledo with more than an hour before the young one's appointed driving test time. He approached the counter with his heart in his throat and all his paperwork in hand and offered himself up to the bureaucratic process that is getting a drivers license. In retrospect, he and I both noted that the atmosphere in the office on this day was much different than what we had been accustomed to in the past visits. There was an almost festive feel in the air, and the testers and staff were laughing and jovial. I wonder now (I did not look at the time) if there was a dentist's office in the strip center where this office was...perhaps a nitrous oxide leak in the ventilation would account for the easygoing attitudes.

Almost immediately upon checking in, the young one was called upon to drive. The state highway patrol tester was a friendly looking woman with brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, and she smiled and chatted with the young one as they proceeded out the door. I settled in to wait, checking email, and IM, then plugging myself in to my iPod, which is my constant companion. I shuffled through a few songs to find the group I was interested in listening to, and having enjoyed less than two songs, I looked up to see that the young one was already standing in front of me, papers in his hand. His face was impossible to read...I had to ask him for the results. With no change in expression whatsoever, he looked at me and said, "So, what do I do next?"

I said, "Depends...did you pass?" He pushed the papers toward me....I could see no markings to indicate one way or the other....finally, seeing that I was not "getting it", he sighed and said, "Yes, I did, what do we do next?"

Next was, of course, the paying of the money, the taking of the photo and the getting of the actual plastic card that he has been sweating bullets for for such a long time. He was stoic through the process, cracking a smile only once or twice for our State of Ohio license bureau representative, Les, who also must have observed that the young one was being way too serious about this whole process. Photo taken (by Les) and license sent to press, we were guided to some seats toward the front of the office in which to plop our rears, to wait for the card to be finished, at which point we were to check it for accuracy and then leave. The wait was again very short (what kind of government agency is this ANYWAY?!) and before we had time to even get comfortable or chat a bit, the license was done, then in hand of the young one, who immediately indicated that HE would be driving us home.

Before we left the parking lot of the bureau, the young one called his Sara (***aawwww!***) and I called his brother to let him know that there was another menace on the road, and that he should beware. The young one finds that kind of comment only marginally amusing, so once spoken is more than enough on that little bit of good-natured ribbing. Now we have the challenge of finding a place for him to keep his car (which he has thanks to the firstborn), should he decide to start driving himself to school; we are looking into getting permission from some friends who live close, since our opportunity for an on campus parking pass slipped away a long time ago. I think that although he is playing it low key he is is something that has hung over his head for a long time, and he has taken care of it. He will be able to drive his Sara on dates, instead of her doing all the driving. He will be able to drive himself to work, instead of relying on Ann or the firstborn for lifts. He will generally be entering a new stage of independence and responsibility in his will set in fully the first time he drives the car alone, and realizes that there is noone in the passenger seat to nag him, correct him or tell him what to will be all him from here on in....

except....for that little voice in his head...the one that imparts those little pearls of wisdom and tidbits of guidance...the one that you can't get out no matter how much you want to...and the one that in your adult life you are grateful for, and if you cannot recall the sound of it, you can always recall the message....

Till tomorrow...much love to you...


PS - If you get the urge, stop in at the young one's blog, BuddhaofDrumming and offer up your "attaboys" on his passing his test!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Orchestra Concert - NVHS

The Northview Combined Orchestras perform 'Sleighride'I realized as I walked into the Little Theater at NV that I did not recall having been to an orchestra concert in the almost eight years that I have had students in the music program. I feel sure that really is not the case, but for some reason tonight, the feeling was different, a strange unfamiliarity that I had never experienced.

The building was the same, and the same group of parents was there that I had grown accustomed to seeing at all the other music performances, but I felt a "disconnected"-ness from the proceedings, and it seemed to me as though I was looking at the whole of the situation with different eyes. I will not share my impressions here, as they are not wholly very positive, but I will indicate that I am grateful that the young one is a senior at this school and will be graduating soon.

When Seth's Ann and I arrived, the students were filtering into the seats near the front and on the side, where they were to remain when they were not on stage performing. The young one was in the first "sitting" group; the orchestra he was to play with was the more proficient and experienced of the two, and as such always saved for last in the program, which made it necessary for parents of that group to listen to the first group before their own students performed. In a rude and ironic twist, the parents of the first group, regular as clockwork, stood at the end of the first group's performance and left the venue....a typical behavior; I'm not sure why I was surprised, or even mentioned it, except that it irks me so.

Once the young one was on stage, I set about the impossible (for me) task of trying to get photos that were in focus; you would think that there would be plenty for me to focus on, considering the fact that the entire percussion section decided to wear RED ties with their "concert black". The percussion staff stood at their stations to cover their instruments looking for all the world like a pack of mobsters, the only thing missing, their black fedoras.

This orchestra was obviously much more mature and better practiced, their ensemble sound resonated with much more depth. The percussion, woodwinds and brass added to the fuller, more complete "feel". They played through their selections with confidence, and the program that the conductor had chosen was enjoyable.

At the end of the event, the orchestras combined on stage to play the holiday favorite "Sleighride" (the link, left, is to an .avi file of over 60MB in size; if you wish to save it you can, if you view from online, please be patient). The audience gave all the students a standing ovation of appreciation at the end of the program, and then the folks that were left dispersed to collect their students and head out into the pouring rain to go home. Oh, did I neglect to mention that it has been raining ALL DAY? We are extremely fortunate that the temperatures are rising; with this much rain we would be knee deep (at least) in snow by now!

Well, that was the extent of it...a very nice concert, and the young one pleased with the result. He is making an early night of it (first one in a long time!) so hopefully he will be well rested tomorrow when he takes the plunge into testing for his driver's license. Keep him in your good thoughts as the afternoon slips away; by then he will be behind the wheel proving to some authority figure that he is deserving of being able to get himself around.

Till later...hopefully with good news...much love to you...


"I am hitting my head against the walls,......"

".....but the walls are giving way."

- Gustav Mahler

Thursday, December 07, 2006

An exciting (to me anyway!), all text entry....

Thinking a lot about new things that are coming in my work life and getting very charged up about them...opportunities are presenting to participate in some projects because of my current skill set, that may add some value and promote the business, which would be very exciting for me, considering how TOTALLY COOL a place I think this is to work, and that kind of thing does not often happen for someone who works in IT. The folks here are very attuned to maximizing people's skills and encouraging them to stretch and grow, and with that in mind, I look forward to the new experiences that I will have and working with my companion and friend during my hiring process. As these new things are fleshed out and exposed for public consumption, I will give you a heads up on it, as I will be proud as a new parent when the whole thing finally comes to fruition.

Other than that, a very busy day, prep being done for an all company meeting that will pull folks from all over the organization into the office to participate. I will be meeting some of the "phone voices" for the first time, and seeing some folks that are only periodically in office, so that will be cool. The IT department has big goals for the day tomorrow, so the pace will be hectic; it will be a very quick and hopefully productive day.

Hope that your day was well....much love to you till I post again later....


PS - Here is a link to an article by one of my favs on WIRED, Lore Sjoberg titled "World's Worst Superhero Names", which I neglected to post the link to when I found it a few weeks ago....enjoy!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


On the way home at **5:30 PM** - on to perpetual twilight for the next three snowed yesterday...finally! It is already December, after all...but I personally am not all that thrilled. I am not really a "winter" sort of person; fall and spring are more my style. A sweater or hoodie and tennies is good with me, but this digging out the gloves, scarves, boots and heavy coats really is getting me down.

OK, so I know that it is not much in comparison to what has been going on around the country, but I am still not happy with the cold temps and the whole having to clean the car off thing, especially since I could not tell you the last time I saw my scraper, let alone ANY scraper in ANY car that sits in my driveway!

I will get over it, I know; it is part of the whole Ohio in winter thing....the first one always pisses me off a little is one last photo of the parking lot, just for is kinda pretty and not all that dangerous, considering the humongous amounts of snow and ice that everyone else is getting...

Back with more later...hope you are keeping warm and are safe...till I get back, much love to you...


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Time Passages....

UT drumline, sans percussionists.......Well, I'm not the kind to live in the past
The years run too short and the days too fast
The things you lean on
Are the things that don't last
Well, it's just now
And then my line gets cast into these
Time passages
There's something back here that you left behind
Oh, time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight........

- Al Stewart

Today was a slow day at the homestead...slept late (NICE!) It was a cold morning this morning, the air in the house a little crisp because of my practice of heating economy. The bed was warm and comfortable, which made it easy NOT to get up.

Once up, I decided that something to eat was in order; some cereal and milk seemed to fit the bill. When I went downstairs to have my fav (Golden Grahams...mmmm...sugar) I found that the box contained a marginally sized serving for me, which would have been an appetizer for either of the boys. I finished that off, but out of curiosity, I checked out a couple of the other boxes of cereal that had been holding places on top of the frig, only to find that they as well contained nothing more than small, girl-sized servings. In the interest of cleaning up the kitchen just the tiniest little bit (I know! can you believe it!) I chucked the boxes with their meager contents into the trash, and feeling very pleased with myself, proceeded back upstairs to take a shower.

The shower was hot and welcome on the chilly morning. As I am so fond of doing and so seldom get to do with all the folks needing to hit the shower during the week, I spent a lot of time in the hot hot water, running the water heater nice, and so foggy in the bathroom when I was done! After drying off, I set about drying the hair, and of course it was about the time when the young one finally decided he was hungry and drug his butt out of bed. After quickly drying hair, we took a look in the kitchen, hooked him up with some food, and then he got a phone call from his Sara.

She was calling to see if the young one still wanted her to come with him and I to the UT Marching Band concert at Savage Hall on UT campus this afternoon. Of course, a silly question and indeed he did, so they talked out all the plans and she popped over to our house at about 2 so we could all go down to the concert together.

There were not a ton of people at the hall; my guess is from the talk in the stands was that it was mostly parents of folks in the band. The band started out with the standards, introducing the band and the fight song then started into the music from the halftime shows of this year. The first little bit was directed by Dr. Jason Stumbo (follow the link to see photo)

While the band played the drill team performed for some of the numbers...check out the drumline in the background of this photo, doing the stuff that only the drumline can do. The band also has a very talented majorette who has been with them for three years and has won many awards. She also had several routine that she performed to showcase her talent and skill.

The highlight for us was the drumline feature, where they came forward and played the fabulous and well known to UT fans "Funk on the Ottawa", UT drumline cadence extraordinaire..the link is to an .avi file of the performance; it is over 100MB so if you decide to try to take a peek, please be patient...if you really want it you can click on the link, select "Save target (source)(as)" and copy it to your computer to look at at your convenience. When the drumline looks like this, however, I can't imagine why you WOULD NOT want to check it out!

All in all, except for the cold walk to and from Savage Hall (and the young one's Sara in SANDALS!) the concert was exceptional, and everything we had hoped for. It was the coolest thing to look over at the young one's face during the drum feature and see the pure pride and pleasure...he is already in the UT mindset...these are his people and this is his school...he is looking forward to the fall of next year, with excitement and confidence, not afraid or intimidated (which is FANTASTIC!)

Hope you enjoy the stuff from the concert and that you are much warmer than we are I type, I am actually glad for the heat coming off the computer, as lame and sad as that sounds; at least my fingertips are keeping warm!....back with more probably tomorrow....till then....much love to you....


Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Much-Needed New Word:

Web-lag: n. The downtime that users suffer miserably through while waiting for something to happen on the Internet (i.e. a page load). This period varies in an inversely proportional manner to the importance or the desirability of the task at hand. See also: "blag."
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"On the internet...

...nobody knows you're a dog."

Peter Steiner - On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.

Peter Steiner - page 61 of July 5, 1993 issue of The New Yorker, (Vol.69 (LXIX) no. 20)

An oldie but a goodie, I have to say, and so true! Consider THAT the next time you start up a conversation with a new IM name in your buddy list....

Still thinking about the whole MySpace, FaceBook, "social networking" mumbo-jumbo; it never ceases to amaze me that every now and then, even with the minimal exposure I intentionally have on the internet, from time to time I catch wind of a little weird stuff going on...there are a few folks in the network where I got my feet wet in blogging that are notoriously engaged in some pretty hostile site visits, intentionally done to be provocative and attract attention, even though this person says they don't care what anyone thinks of them or their site. There are a few other sites that were contrived from the beginning by their builders as their attempts to garner that empty honor of "best" in the blogger land that they are in....if you entered into blogging to get an award for it, I think you need to get another passtime, something really rewarding like, baseball player or contestant on American Idol or something.

I was told a long time ago that blogging, whether your own or when you visit someone else's, should ultimately be a process of creating something for YOU...something that makes you proud, happy and represents you the way you want to be seen. If you continually distort your content to please everyone else, you ultimately please noone; you are unhappy with your product, and eventually the people you were trying to please will go away, just like they happened to arrive, disappearing back into cyberspace.

I has been my distinct pleasure to find out that my fellow team members on this blog, who I originally met through contact about, OF ALL THINGS, a blog...are not dogs, and are indeed really cool human beings....this experience is not the norm, however...I hear that there are a lot more dogs out there lurking around than there used to be...check out this site - and you will see what I mean (there is one for cats too -

That's it for now....till next time, much love to you....


PS - Click here to visit my cat, Woz

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back with More Later.....

Obvious Chain of Command - Wiley


And here is more - Please take the time to read this article...the time spent in cyberspace building networks....the strange connections people build based on words on the page and contrived photos posted to entrance and provoke...think of this article the next time you log on...

_________________________________ its later again...check out new content on the currently available segments of the book in progress, Zero Main Street...enjoy!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

What It's all about....

Meeting a challenge, and exceeding expecatationsI made a drive on Friday morning, very early, through dense patchy fog in Ohio, to beautiful sunny skies as I progressed through the day. My car ran flawlessly well, gas prices were low; it was a great start to a weekend of travel. The boys were taking care of things at the homestead, so I had that worry taken off my plate, and they both were keeping me informed of developments via cell phone, as I also was with them.

As I got closer to my destination, I began to ponder at length why I was making this trip. My friend, David (aka "Strollerguy") was undertaking the gargantuan task of following through to the next level on a commitment he has made to himself to get back to his fitness level of about ten years ago, when he was a pretty decent runner, before a lot of personal issues interferred with the flow of his life. This milestone is one of many he has faced in the relatively short time I have known him, and I had declared a long time ago, that when the time came and he did this thing, I would be there.

When I saw him at the course Saturday morning, I observed a singularity of purpose in him that assured me that he was going to be successful in achieving this goal...I know that he has been doing the prep work...many miles on those running shoes in the last months to get himself physically and mentally ready...maybe I was not as mentally ready...I have no understanding of the process of running...I have known a few people in my life who run...heard their descriptions of the changes, mind and body, that occur during the course of a race....I thought of all those things as I stood waiting for the race to begin...knowing I wanted him more than anything to be successful...worrying at what cost....

The race was the grand scheme of things, not the longest race, I know, but the wait was very long for the first runners started to filter in, I made my way back to the Start/Finish line to wait...he had indicated to me what he had expected his time to the interminable seconds ticked by, I anxiously strained to observe every runner as they rounded the last turn on the river trail heading in...I watched as each one crossed through the RFID reader and their official time was recorded...the joy, many emotions as there were runners there...every one with their own reason to do this thing that they were doing today.

As I saw David round the last curve, it was with pride that I observed that he still looked strong and in control...there was going to be no throwing himself across the finish line, and no last gasp to finish...he was not the first runner across the line, but I could see in his gait, in his face....this race was run on his terms, and the goal was met...another barrier broken.

The point of just a guy, and just a race, I have seen dedication to purpose, and focus on helps that I can call this "guy" a is with great pride that I say....CONGRATS STROLLERGUY!!!!! I am so glad I could be get my inspiration from you....<3

More later....much love to you all till then.....


Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am truly blessed...

"He will make you rich in all things so that you may be generous. Then, through us, others will have reason to give thanks to God."

(II Corinthians 9:11)


“When unfortunate things happen in our lives there are two possible results. One possibility is mental unrest, anxiety, fear, doubt, frustration and eventually depression, and in the worst case, even suicide. That's one way. The other possibility is that because of that tragic experience you become more realistic, you become closer to reality. With the power of investigation, the tragic experience may make you stronger and increase your self-confidence and self-reliance. The unfortunate event can be a source of inner strength.”

(The Dalai Lama's Book of Wisdom, 1995)


I take this time to reflect on all that has occured in the last year.

I am filled with gratitude for the health of my children and myself, and in the continued successes of the boys in their chosen courses in life. I am happy as their mother to know that they have both welcomed loving companions into their heart, to share their path and enrich their daily experiences.

To depths in my heart I was unaware of before, I am overwhelmed by the love, loyalty and support of friends far and near. My life has been rich beyond measure for so long; this year of change has shown me how truly fortunate I am.

With these things foremost in my mind on this day, I look to the quotes above, and affirm my intention to embrace them in the course of my life....To draw on the strength that has come from the experiences of the past year, and with the resources I have been given, in my personal and work relationships, to be generous, add value and create positive energy with every contact I have.

Those are the thoughts in my mind on this day....I hope that your day is filled with the things that bring you happiness and nurture your soul...much love to you on this day and always....


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

UT vs BGSU - November 21,2006

University of Toledo Rocket Marching BandSoo...we all went to the game at the Glass Bowl to totally see the UT Rockets kick the butts of the BGSU Falcons, in a game carried, at least in this area on ESPN2. The stadium was populated with UT supporters, including, current students, alums and lots of folks who just like college football on a cold Tuesday evening in November.

The firstborn and his Ann, with the young oneI went to the game with the firstborn and his Ann and the young one, and we were lucky enough to be able to get tickets, courtesy of Ann and her student status at UT. We stood in the student section on the south (I think) end of the field, next to the UT band and right behind the goalposts. The view was actually very cool and one that I had never experienced at the Glass Bowl; every time we had been there previously (for DCI drum and bugle corps events), we sat center and high in the main grandstands. For pregame, we walked over to that same area so we could catch a great view of the band.

The 2006 UT Rocket Football teamAs the football team readied to take the field, the band shaped the tradional tunnel. The photo, left, shows the band tunnel and the UT Rocket football team as they entered the field of battle to pummel the BG Falcons unmercifully. The scoreboard kept those of us who are staturally challenged informed of the proceedings of the game...with everyone in the student section standing, even stepping up to observe from the bench part of the seat, there were times that the video feed from ESPN2 on the scoreboard was the only way I kept up with developments on the field.

OK, much fun as it was to go to the game, and as cool as the halftime show was that the UT Marching Band performed (Finale - Tschaikovsky - 1812 Overture, WITH pyrotechnics provided by the folks from the Hayes Presidental Center in Fremont Ohio) got FREAKIN' COLD the longer we stood in the stands. The night air got progressively colder the longer the sun was down; the only thing that saved us was that there was no rain, snow, or wind to contribute to the conditions. By consensus, after the halftime show was over, we made our way, first to pick up our obligatory "Coach Amstutz" T-shirt, then to the car, to work our way off the hill that we parked on next to the Dorr Street parking lot (an indication of how many people came to this game!) We decided that some warm junky food in a place where we could have a beer and watch the rest of the game was in order, so off we headed to Ralphie's, which is close to home, to have chicken chunks, chicken nachos, chili cheese fries and beverages. After the game was over, and a definitive UT victory, we happily (and warmly) headed home to hit the sheets...the young one off from school, and going to lunch today with his Sara, and the firstborn needing to get some rest, as he has a long work day today.

A good time was had by all, as you can tell, and it makes me look forward very much to next fall, when I will be sitting in those stands watching the young one in the UT drumline....good times a'comin' I think...hope you enjoy the pics...till later...much love to you....


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The I-75 Rivalry - LOCAL VERSION

University of Toledo RocketsBowling Green State University FalconsSoo...for the first time ever, since I have lived in the Toledo area ("mumble,mumble" number of years!)I will be going to the richly contested rivalry game of UT vs BGSU. The two schools are practically within spitting distance of each other in the grand scheme of distance...and with the young one going to UT next fall, and in the marching band hopefully to boot, it was a rare and wonderful opportunity that we could not pass up when Ann let the firstborn know that as a current student there, she could purchase up to four tickets...

There are a lot of UT alumni that insist on going to this game every year, and some that I would not want to run into by accident, but the game is at UT in the Glass Bowl (which is pretty huge) so the possibility of "bumping into" anyone is pretty much slim to none. Beside that, there is no way that I am going to let the thought detract from the enjoyment that I know we will all have when we go to the game tonight....a family function, with the firstborn and Ann in attendance as well.

Can't wait, because as soon as I get home, I will be throwing on the UT hoodie, grabbing my keys on their pink UT lanyard, and hopping in the car to head on down to the Glass Bowl. Will post photos and details when we get home tonight...after the thaw, if the night air gets too cold! Back later...with much love to you till then....


Monday, November 20, 2006

A new level of advertising in gaming....

Desktop for Sneak King, new game for XBox from Burger KingSunday, November 19, the firstborn headed out first thing in the cold morning to very intentionally head to Burger King for breakfast...the draw, not the tasty breakfast sandwiches or crispy hash browns...instead, he was driven to crawl from his warm and comfy bed to acquire the new video games for XBox that were MADE FOR BURGER KING, ABOUT THE KING. At first consideration, I thought it was a racket and a really bad idea, but once seeing them, I think they are hysterically funny and OK for older kids and adults, but because of the humongous influence factor, I would not want little kids to be exposed to them too much.

If you are a teen or adult video gamer and want some mindless fun, you should check out the games at Burger King, 4 bucks with a value meal, for as long as they last....a good time will be had by all...

That's it for now...maybe more later if the spirit moves me...till then, much love to you...


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekends get busier all the time....

Water pump failure (obviously)This one was especially busy (and costly) primarily because the water pump finally failed Thursday night on my beloved Honda on the way home from work. The firstborn and I had had multiple discussions about the horrendous racket that had been eminating from under the hood of my poor baby over the past couple weeks, and both knew that there was some kind of a pump on the way to death. There was not much we could do about it; sticking the head under the hood while the car was running was greeted with nothing more than a general clatter, that could not be narrowed down to a specific location in the engine compartment.

Thursday night when I left the office to drive home, the inevitable finally occured...the belt gave forth a protracted squeal then dropped dead silent...."Fantastic!", I stupidly more noise; and set off home. I had driven no less than three miles, when I looked down at my dashboard to note that the "battery charge" light was on and the temperature gauge needle was steadily climbing toward the "hot" side...something that I have never seen in all the time I have driven my car. I left the expressway, afraid at that point I might be stranded there, with no way to get to somewhere for help, and observed that as I slowed to a stop at the light, steam (or so I hoped) had begun to roll from under the hood. At that point I began to panic (just a little) and yanked out the cell phone to call the young one to let him know I was having trouble with the car and could be late home. When I got him on the phone, I recounted my concern and the symptoms and asked him to call his brother to find out what I should do to get the car home, and to see if, in the possibility that I might actually lose ability to drive the car, his brother would be able to meet me somewhere to help me. After hanging up with the young one, while still trying to nurse the car toward home, the phone rang....the firstborn....we talked through symptoms, at which point we determined the culprit...the pump that we knew was going to fail finally did...he was concerned at the power issue (battery not being charged since alternator belt was detached) and the fact that the car had fifteen miles to go to get home, with it steadily getting hotter and the coolant boiling out of the system. He advised that I should try to carefully get the car home, and that he would have a look at it for damage when he got home from work (10 PM)

I did as I was instructed and successfully nursed the car home on surface streets. The cooling system efficiently boiled every ounce of liquid out of it, to which anyone who had the uncomfortable situation of following behind me will testify...I was unaware of how much steam was actually coming off the engine, because, of course, as long as the car was moving, the steam was being pulled off the engine and flowing under the car and out from the back. The people who followed were enveloped in hot damp air, with antifreeze mixed in appeared much like the mosquito spray trucks behind me as I pressed down the road. At about a mile away from the house, the charge in the battery was depleted so much that it could no longer support the headlights, and they were dimmed to the point of being practically useless. Fearing that I would lose all power and be stranded within spitting distance of home, I turned off the lights....the dashboard lights dimmed as far as I could and still see the speedometer...was able to make it home without accident or incident....when the car came to a stop in the driveway, the steam billowed out of the engine compartment rising into the cold night air like a huge plume and spread across the yard to obscure view of the street light probably a hundred feet away. The young one and I opened the hood to try to cool the engine somewhat, and then called the firstborn to let him know that the car (and his mom) was home safely.

I don't think it's supposed to look like thisOnce the firstborn looked in the engine compartment, it was clear to him (and the rest of us) that the water pump had failed. All that was left at that point was to get the parts to replace it. Creepy to have to see this just to swap a water pumpI say that as though it is a simple transaction....anyone who is familiar with this type of car, also knows that the process you have to go through to work with any of the belts or pumps is excrutiatingly time consuming and full of possibility to screw things up. The firstborn, however, has gotten quite proficient at maintaining our fleet of four Hondas of this type, so he undertook the repair with little trepidation except for concern about the weather and temperature, which always play a part in the speed and ease with which any project like this is accomplished. His time off was on Saturday morning, so after breakfast, and dropping of the young one at school to start his weekend trip to Canada, we went back to the house and he started on the teardown to get ready to remove and replace the water pump.

As he started taking things apart, we decided that there were other parts that he might as well replace while he had everything torn apart (see photo above). I ran to the parts store to get new plugs, a new crankcase gasket and timing belt (it appeared vulnerable and possibly the next thing to go). You really haven't lived until you have gone to the auto supply store as a chick and walked up to the counter to talk to one of the guys that work there about buying parts for a job like this one. They all looked at me like I could have no possible idea what I was asking for, and against my normal inclination, I let them think that way. They actually are more helpful, I have found, if you act clueless. At one point, when the first store did not have the parts I needed, the man behind the counter actually took my note and said to me, "Let me write this part number down for you so you don't forget it or get the wrong thing..." LOL... After visiting three stores (one of them TWICE) I had all the parts that the firstborn needed, and he worked through putting everything back together. He was in a rush to get done, because he also was scheduled to work on Saturday, so he finished up and then ran in the house to take the quickest shower in history. He drove the car to work to assure that everything was OK....and good thing he his haste to finish up, we had forgotten to secured a flywheel, and it came loose inside the engine compartment, allowing belts to loosen and pumps not to work again. He was able to get the car to work and also home after, but he now has the unpleasant task of finding a replacement bolt for the one that was lost in this minor incident...the car unfortunately though is still out of service....again to be addressed tomorrow, when the firstborn will again have to use his free time to get it going.

Other than that, the big things were Ohio State / Michigan game (OSU won!)...Browns /Steelers game (Browns LOST!) and the young one's trip to Canada to be in the Santa Parade and to Toronto to see "Wicked!"...he will be home very early tomorrow morning....I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing photos that I hope he took with my camera...I will share as much of that as he will allow...stop back tomorrow to read about it!

Till then, hope your weekend was well and so are you...your teams is not snowing where you are like it is here right now....much love to you.....


Thursday, November 16, 2006

So what's news about this?

ManFluI heard this story on the way to work this morning, on my favorite alternative radio station 89X....when I did a search for it on the internet, the article came up on the website Ananova, and the story was titled "Man Flu Really Exists"

Any woman will tell you, that with boy children, male friends, male sig others and husbands, that they did not need a survey or study to tell them that. When a woman gets sick, most of them continue to try to go to work, take care of the house and family and do all the other stuff that people are depending on them to do. A woman has to be on her deathbed before she finally slows down, and she is actually more likely to take care of her own illness than to have someone help take care of it for her.

Guys on the other soon as they are feeling the slightest bit ill, they will take to their beds, in the throes of misery. Their illnesses make them sicker amd more miserable (as well as those around them) and take much longer to go away than a woman's illness. Men feel like every sniffle is the flu; women say, Oh it's nothing; I'll be fine...and will most likely go to work feeling badly, until they cannot drag themselves around anymore.

There was one interesting thing in this actuality, women get sick MORE OFTEN than men do, because they are in closer contact with the little contagion carriers; kids. I guess with so much more exposure, women may actually be building resistance to some illnesses....would that explain their ability to bounce back so much faster than men?

In any case...we're heading into flu season...both regular and "man" variety, I's hoping that you and yours avoid both and have a pleasant and illness free winter...

That's all that is in my head for now....back later with more....till then, much love to you...


PS - check out this entry on BuddhaofDrumming...freaking funniest thing I have seen in a long time....that BuddhaofDrumming is quite a talented guy!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Experience.... not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

- Aldous Huxley


Experience FoodToday was indeed a day of experiences, both in the context of my technology position and personally with the folks that I work with. The photo, left, was one of the interesting things that we had during our lunch out today. Got a clue? If you know what this very unusual dish is, leave a along with beef stripes and several items which I cannot remember the names of were the fare and great fun and conversation helped the eating along.

Some new and interesting things learned throughout the day and some persoanl challenges presented as well...all good and keeping me busy...taking time tonight with the "familee" to eat and watch "House, MD", that's all for now...hope you are well...till next time, much love to you....


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Born in 1939 on this day....

Wendy CarlosAs human beings we do change, grow, adapt, perhaps even learn and become wiser.

- Wendy Carlos (American Musician)

___________________________________________ 1947, Toledo native:

P J ORourkeWith Epcot Center the Disney corporation has accomplished something I didn't think possible in today's world. They have created a land of make-believe that's worse than regular life.

- P. J. O'Rourke


These both go under the category of "cool things found on the way to other things..." I was just thinking about Wendy Carlos not more than a week or so ago...I was terribly impressed with the Bach that she performed on Moog synthesizer in the early 70's. She was integral in the whole electronic music movement. Follow the link attached to her name to visit her website to find out more about her...she is a very fascinating person.

P J ORourke is from our area here, and is a tremendously funny man. Follow the link attached to his name to read a bio about him.

Day was good, but I have been very tired...I hope that once I get used to this new schedule things will get better in the attention and staying awake department.

That's it for a post tonight...hope you enjoy the info about the birthday people...also check out the couple new links along the for the site gotta check this site out! It is freakin' awesome! The other one is a Microsoft parody called "" which is also hysterically funny....have fun browsing....back soon with more stuff...till then, much love to you...


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Little slim on the content recently.....

Been kinda fried, with the new job and trying to get everything in my life back on an even keel with the new times for things. The young one is suffering the most, I fear, as I have no way of getting to the high school to pick him up after school anymore. His Sara, the firstborn and Ann have been taking up the slack for me, for which I am truly grateful, but I know it has been tough on them all.

An unfortunate side effect of the, not stress, so much, but perhaps extra effort I am putting forth, is that my stamina seems to be low when I am away from work....When I get home, I do seem to feel more drained than usual, but I hope that will pass when I feel more confident in my position and am not expending so much energy in being nervous. Some of my other commitments remain unaddressed and friends are feeling neglected...It is not my nature to reneg on things or let contact with friends slip by, but sleeping and minimal attention to household issues is about all that I have been able to muster recently, much to my chagrin. I am starting to address a few outstanding issues and hope to get to more in the coming weeks...Check out my handiwork from yesterday...a rework of to accommodate more information about the Gameheads movie project, one of David's recent professional adventures.

(419)902-1585If you are reading this and saying to yourself, "yeah, what's up with that...haven't heard from you in weeks!" then don't wait; it is not that I don't want to spend time with you, it is simply that I have been so FREAKING busy! Pick up the phone (check out the "alt" text on the graphic, left) or shoot me an email here or here ....I am missing you too, and hope to hear from you, even if it is only a minute that the two of us can spare for a little while....

Ah well....that's it for now; the firstborn just passed through my room and said "jeez, don't you guys ever sleep??? I can hear typing from downstairs in the living room too!! (that would be the young one)"....I have to take time whenever I can to keep posting here to connect with you....till the next time, much love to you....


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sam Roberts - Bridge to Nowhere

Time is slipping awayAnother day breaks and the last one's gone
You dig deep just to carry on
Your debt's paid off but it don't feel gone
So you slip out the back and you're moving on

I can never figure out how to make a case
That this don't amount to a fall from grace
She wants to know can I replace
This tired wool with satin lace

She says you're on a bridge to nowhere and you're gettin' there fast
Put it in the past, put it in the past
If this is a race then I hope you come last
You're on a bridge to nowhere and you're gettin' there fast

Pressure builds till it breaks the dome
You can build a house you can't build a home
And it's a fool who believes love is bred in the bone
And there're no guarantees that you won't get stoned
Yeah, I'm a fool who believed love is bred in the bone
And there're no guarantees that I won't get stoned

Says you're on a bridge to nowhere and you're gettin' there fast
Put it in the past, put it in the past
If this is a race then I hope you come last
You're on a bridge to nowhere and you're gettin' there fast

I don't know where it leads, oh no
All I know is that I don't wanna breathe this chemical breeze no more

So another day breaks and the last one's gone
You dig deep just to carry on
Your debt's paid off but it don't feel gone
So you slip out the back and you're moving on

Says you're on a bridge to nowhere and you're gettin' there fast
Put it in the past, put it in the past
If this is a race then I hope you come last
You're on a bridge to nowhere and you're gettin' there fast

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Adventure - Angels and Airwaves

I wanna have the same last dream again,
the one where I wake up and I'm alive.
Just as the four walls close me within,
my eyes are opened up with pure sunlight.
I'm the first to know,
my dearest friends,
even if your hope has burned with time,
anything that's dead shall be re-grown,
and your vicious pain, your warning sign,
you will be fine.

Hey, oh, here I am,
and here we go, life's waiting to begin.

Any type of love - it will be shown,
like every single tree reach for the sky.
If you're gonna fall,
I'll let you know,
that I will pick you up
like you for I,
I felt this thing,
I can't replace.
Where everyone was working for this goal.
Where all the children left without a trace,
only to come back, as pure as gold,
To recite this all.

Hey, oh, here I am,
and here we go, life's waiting to begin.
hey, oh, here I am,
and here we go, life's waiting to begin.
hey, oh, here I am,
and here we go, life's waiting to begin.

I cannot live, I can't breathe
unless you do this with me
I cannot live, I can't breathe
unless you do this with me
I cannot live, I can't breathe
unless you do this with me
I cannot live, I can't breathe
unless you do this with me
I cannot live, I can't breathe
unless you do this with me
I cannot live, I can't breathe
unless you do this with me

Hey, oh, here I am (do this with me),
and here we go, life's waiting to begin (do this with me).
Hey, oh, here I am (do this with me).
And here we go, life's waiting to begin,
life's waiting to begin

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Just arrived home from a long day of travel for the new job....there is an office in Chicago; there were several IT concerns that my supervisor needed to address and he was kind enough to let me tag along. The drive as nice (I was passenger, so I got to gawk and chat) and the office is in a beautiful building in Chicago on the 41st floor and very pretty. The people there were awesome, and I even worked, a tiny bit. It was good to go there, so I now know who I will be talking to and what they have in their office, equipment-wise when they call with IT concerns. As I seem to have been saying a lot lately, I am very impressed with the way that I am getting so much information to help me do my job...I hope that I will be a productive addition to the IT staff, living up to the confidence that was placed in me when I was hired.

Was up very early, and am very tired now, so am going to cut this short....will be back later with other stuff...till then, much love to you....


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Have you seen this man?

David Wayne BlackThis very talented and extremely nice guy has been incommunicado for a little while now...Been missing talking to him, his weird sense of humour and the way he always knows how to make me laugh. If you know where he is, or have seen him, let him know that his friends and fans are looking for him...In the meantime, you can enjoy the products of his weird and creative mind at or on his MSN Space "Sea of Quiddity"

I miss you David....Please come back soon...


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On Tuesday....

Today in my part of the world started out damp and gloomy; I awoke to rain and no beautiful sunrise (which I had become accustomed to)…it was dank, dark and cold…not very good for the attitude. The young one was marginally motivated to take care of his minimal preparations to get to school, the weather not much of a help to him either. The drive to the high school to drop him off was punctuated with more than the usual number of careless, rude drivers (mostly coming from the parking lot of the board offices) and the wait to turn out of the school driveway after I dropped him off was longer and more frustrating than usual as well.

I stopped at the Speedway gasoline station/convenience store, as has now become part of my routine, to get my hit of energy drink and sometimes a little bit of something to munch on for a semblance of breakfast. As I was walking into the store, I saw a friend from the district that I had not seen since I left, and was greeted with many hugs, smiles and “we miss you so much….are you doing OK?” We stood in the store and chatted a bit as she shared with me the current situation of things from her perspective. Her own job is still much in question, after way too much time, and she is just hanging on until she has enough years in to leave….such a sad state of affairs to be in for an adult person in the time of their lives when things should be comfortable and FUN….to have a job hanging around your neck like an albatross, causing you grief every day and robbing you of enjoying both your working hours as well as your off ones. As we became aware of the time, we parted company, hugging once again and promising to keep in touch…I know I will; there are just too many friends there not to….

The drive to work was wet, could have been dangerous, but was not, and very slow. Traffic was heavy and backed up, there was a stalled semi truck at the top of the ramp that I must take to get to work that was keeping the exiting to a snail’s pace. Just as I approached the truck, however, it roared to life again and moved on down the road; the state highway patrol folks followed in their cars, and all was again right with the driving world. I headed to the office, parked (badly, for some reason today) and gathered my things to head off to the building. It was still raining as I walked across the lot, and I thought thankfully that it was good that I had not spent a ton of time on hair this morning….it would have all been for nothing! Once in the office, I feel I must have shaken much like a puppy coming in from out of the rain to shed the water on my hair and jacket before it soaked me through, then set up my computer and started out my day. It has been quiet today, so I have been doing research on some issues ongoing, and generally catching up on the news of IT and updating my subscriptions to technical publications. Early this afternoon, the book that I had ordered from Apple arrived, “Mac OS X Tiger – Killer Tips”, by Scott Kelby….hopefully this will help me as I get fully back into supporting Macs…it has been coming back to me, and gladly I love it as much as I used to. I still use my Windows machine a great deal, but more out of habit now….I choose it first because it is the machine that I have tweaked the most and used the longest, at least for right now.

Young one and firstborn both working tonight, and Ann either will be working or have rehearsal, I think. It will be a quiet night for me….perhaps I will even get one or two things done that I need to in the **gasp** housekeeping category…..I know…can you BELIEVE it?…especially since you know how much I HATE to do that sort of thing!

In any case, that is pretty much it for now…still not on a daily schedule of posting, but am trying hard to get everything back in balance…I have so much that I am behind on…feeling massively guilty about it, but that is not getting it done…will have to write out a calendar to make me visualize my time and how it all can fit in….and it does need some action soon….there are others who are depending on me….

Hope you are well and happy….will be back soon with more…till then…much love to you…


Saturday, November 04, 2006

The week in review....

UT Wind Ensemble

......Beginning with the Halloween concert


It all started last weekend with the community band rehearsal. Went down to UT (on time for a change!) and had two fantastic hours of sight reading and rehearsal time with the group in preparation for the concert we are going to participate in in December.

Beware of Stumbo! Monday night, the firstborn and I attended the "University Bands Halloween Spooktacular", a yearly event featuring the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble (of which his Ann is a member) The hall was decorated, the band and directors were all in costume, and there was candy available for the little ones who attended. It was a fun program of music for Halloween, including Greig's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" (one of my favs!), and Whitacre's "Godzilla Eats Las Vegas". The performances were wonderful (as always) and the firstborn was very proud of his Ann. There are so many great musical events happening at the university all the time...If you are interested in a fantastic FREE afternoon or evening of very talented performers giving it their all for you, check out the UT Department of Music schedule of events at

Autumn Sky on the Way Home from WorkOn Tuesday, I began work at my new job in Maumee. The company is in the real world, not education, and as such I have been exposed to so many new and challenging IT issues already that it has been a fast-paced and exciting week. The best part about the move to the new position so far has been my experience of "on-boarding"...I have spent many hours this week becoming acquainted with the people I will be working closely with and the jobs that they do, as well as becoming acclimated to the IT environment. All the folks in the office are generous with their time, kind when I have questions, and the atmosphere all in all is very cohesive. It is a company driven by very creative folks, and their products are all very much children of their collective brain trust, so they are very dedicated and intense about their work, but also very team oriented and there is a huge collaborative feel to the entire organization. I have very much enjoyed the past week, and look forward to getting a handle on my place in the business so I can begin supporting these folks and adding value. If you are interested in learning more about this terrific company and what they do, please visit Root Learning's website to explore....There is a lot there to get you started. Tuesday was also the EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY of my young one...His Sara spent some time with him on the day, so he was happy...We planned a dinner for Saturday night which happened last night...More on that later in this very long entry!

The Young One in his ElementYour 2006 Northview High School Wildcat Marching BandWednesday, the marching bands in the district did their junior high tours, which are meant to give aspiring junior high musicians insight into the "coolness" of being in marching band in high school (not the official party line on that, but that is what it basically does) The bands visit the junior highs and play loud and proud in the gyms for all the kids, they get to ask some questions, and then they move on to the next school. The band members are out of building all day, so they like it, and it must be successful, because the Wildcat Marching Band is always HUGE!

The Sousaphones Being Sousaphones2006 Northview High School Wildcat Marching Band Las Salute to the crowdThursday was the Marching Band concert at the high school, the recap of the marching band music from the season, and a time for the band directors to acknowledge the kids that they have chosen for merit awards. The band then has a small party afterward where they cut loose a little bit and have some fun. The young one was confused somewhat by his reaction to this whole night...There was a hollow feeling for him as the season officially came to a close and this part of his high school life was closed with the finality of a slamming door. The marching season has always been special for him (he is truly a field percussionist by preference) and knowing that with the exception of the few odd parades and some spirit events for sports, that the marching experience for him in high school is over has put him in a bit of a funk. He is already looking to his future at UT and is beginning to lack enthusiasm for his daily high school responsibilities.Sweet Sara
The one bright spot for him in all this is his Sara (in photo at right, center - baritone player - pretty impressed with myself that I actually got her in the center!) She has been his girlfriend AND his friend for well over a year now, and they appear to me to be a very good match. She is a very sweet and funny girl, a nice balance for the young one's sometimes quietly sarcastic social commentary...And she likes him just the way he is and he her, which in my opinion is the best thing of all.

Friday night was a nice quiet time for me and the young one...The firstborn and Ann both had to work, so we had the house to ourselves and were left to our own devices as far as what we wanted to do....We opted for some pizza and sodas and some Daily Show and Colbert Report on Comedy Central...Well worth it..He also shared the latest with me on our current favorite weird web project Men with Cramps - Cyclical Non-Uterine Dysmennorhea...This is the absolutely most hysterical site I have seen since Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which is also definitely worth a visit!

Yesterday, I was in the opposite situation and able to spend some time with the firstborn, since he was not scheduled to work....Our choice for the morning was viewing the first four episodes of the new season of House MD (one of the family "must see" shows) from the video/music server....Personal opinion, this is the best show ever, and the only reason that TV is on right now except for CartoonNetwork's "Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy"...I could definitely be hooked on Hugh Laurie specifically, although the show is so tight and every part of it so dead on perfect, that I am really hard pressed to decide what about it appeals to me the most.

To close out the day, the firstborn, the young one, his Sara and I went out for the delayed dinner for the young one's birthday. The intent was to have an evening of food and merriment at Outback Steakhouse....Silly us, 6 o'clock on a Saturday night, no reservations anywhere for a party of four...We can just walk in and expect to be seated after a short wait, right....hmmm...Not so much....After several drives up and down Monroe Street and stops at several of the restaurants of choice, we finally lit at Shorty's Barbecue....After a reasonably short wait (considering) we took a tall table in the bar area so we could watch football if conversation was lacking (which it definitely was NOT!) Had a great meal, lots of laughter and fun and then back to the house for young one and Sara time....Had bought an ice cream cake from Coldstone earlier in the afternoon, but everyone was so full that there were no takers when we got home...Not sure if it has been cut yet, because after a beer and a half with dinner, I came home, left the youngsters to their privacy in the living room and retired with the intention of watching TV in my room....Eight hours later, here I am recapping the week, having fallen asleep and staying that way throughout the night...Good thing the house did not burn down...I would have never known!

Today, the young one works early, so he is in the shower now preparing...Tonight is another community band rehearsal 7 to 9, which I am looking forward to, as always. Tomorrow, we start a new week, doing the whole work thing again...Nice to look forward to it with excitement instead of trepidation....

Breathe a sigh of relief...That is all for now...Hope you are all well and happy....I miss you all....Till next time (hopefully sooner, so the post can be shorter, huh?) much love to you....


Thursday, November 02, 2006

When did THIS happen?

Today in Ohio was cool and crisp, the morning providing another very pretty sunrise and the traffic not too bad on the surface street that gets me to the expressway to go to work. When I left work tonight, however, there was wind and a significant amount of blowing SNOW! I know, can you believe it??! It is only the very beginning of November and we have already had some snow that stayed around for a little while. I very much hope that this was just a fluke....I'm not really ready for it to be winter yet!

Tonight was the Marching Band concert, where the seniors and other band members are recognized for their service to the band and the favorite music from the half time shows of this year is played one last time before they put all of it away until next summer. There was one highlight of the evening that was unexpected....the band and orchestra boosters acknowledged the significant contribution of the retired principal of the young one's high school, Kevin Gorman. When he was introduced, there was tumultuous applause and lots of love in the house..the students who knew him as principal and the community as well respect him and admire him for the exceptional person that he is. It was fantastic that the boosters honored him for his contributions and support of the music program in the school district....we are very fortunate to know him.

Will post photos about this day tomorrow...motivation lacking tonight....hope you are doing great...will be back soon with more stuff...till then, much love to you....


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


As my friends all know, I started my new job on was also the young one's 18th birthday, and Halloween, so all in all it was quite the day. The young one got to spend time with his Sara yesterday, and his dad finally made contact with him after what feels like an extended absence. I know he is keeping tabs via this site, so I have been very disappointed that he has not been supportive enough of the young one to acknowledge his accomplishment of admission to UT, let alone so many other things that happen during senior year that he just chooses not to participate in. Not sure what is at issue here, although there are suspicions, and as such I can only say that the choices are his to make and the results are his burden to deal with.

After two days in my new IT position in industry, I can honestly say that I feel like I am "home". There has been much to become accustomed to, beginning with the work hours (regular business hours, not school hours), the attentiveness of the Shared Services Team members to my new employee needs, the truly friendly attitudes of all the staff members, and the absolutely fantastic feeling of knowing that I am working where there are lots of hard working, creative people. My close coworkers are generous with their time and expertise, not hoarding their knowledge, but imparting it when asked, to the benefit of myself and everyone else in the company. I am becoming familiar with the network and the applications that are in use, and trying to absorb so much fundamental information that is absolutely necessary for me to be able to do my job. The company as a whole cultivates a very comfortable and easy flow of communication, which I am coming to know does not happen by accident. The reason that my interview process was so extensive is because it is that way for everyone and with very good reason; it takes a very special kind of person to be a member of this organization. I am extremely humbled and honored to have been chosen over other qualified candidates as a person with the right kind of qualities to be hired. It is my goal to make sure that they never regret their decision, and to add value to both the IT staff and the organization as a whole. It is my distinct pleasure to share my new email address with you; please feel free to contact me if you like, although since this is my work account, I will be replying to you after my regular work hours.

That's it for now..sorry I have been MIA...there has been such a flurry of activity here that there has been little time to post, but promise that I will try to get back on a regular schedule.....till tomorrow...much love to you....


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Willie the Wildcat Wears Waders....

Boy Was It Raining!

OR....Senior Show 2006


Ghosts of WildcatsAs the band slogged soggily across the parking lot of the high school in the driving rain, it was painfully obvious that the "Senior Show" for this year was going to be a bust. The pitiful looking band members, clad in their band hats, rain coats and blue jeans, already looked like drowned rats, the result of their short march from the band room at the end of A Hall to the stadium located just behind the school. From my cozy vantage point inside the car, I was able to snap a few photos to give you a feel for the damp and cold that the kids (and few staunch Northview supporters) were to endure this night in their dedication to represent their city and their school.

The Few, The ProudMy trek to attend the game began with abandoning my warm, dry refuge and plodding across the mini-swamp that had earlier that day been the football practice field, umbrella held above my head being tugged at by the persistent wind, and camera, iPod and cell phone ensconced in pockets of my leather jacket. Arriving at the ticket booth to purchase my ticket to the game, pleasantries were exchanged with the friends working in the booth, including their undying gratitude for the fact that they were making their contribution to the evening's festivities from the relative dryness of a cramped wooden trailer, a sentiment you would not normally expect. After passing off my ticket to another friend at the entrance gate, I made my way toward the home stands to take my place there to watch pregame and wait until halftime for the senior recognition activity. As I rounded the corner at the edge of the grandstand, I was greeted with the sight in the photo, left....parents and supporters had staked their claims to seats and hunkered down, steeling themselves for several hours of rain and wind chilled football. I noted also, that the athletic boosters finally had the perfect opportunity to rake in some big bucks; if there was ever a night for folks to be downing hot chocolate and coffee, this would have definitely been the one.

Last Pregame2007 Seniors Play TogetherPregame for this night was accomplished with much less flair and fanfare than normally expected from the Wildcat Marching Band; for the sake of safety for all involved, the band walked out onto the field into first formation rather than their usual "Ohio State" - style high step run (photo, left). Because of concern for the fragile nature of the woodwind instruments, none of those folks marched with instruments last night, so all the woodwind players were able to do were hold their places in formations and stand in the rain with the rest of the band. Once on the field, they played a slightly truncated version of the pregame music, basically covering the "Star Spangled Banner", and the fight song, which they played when the football team ran slipping and sliding through the tunnel that the band provided. Before creating the tunnel, however, the band seniors all assembled in front of the main grandstand and band and played together the alma mater...a traditional "Senior Show" feature (Photo, right). The tiny crowd responded as enthusiastically as possible, but to be honest, there were hardly enough people there to be heard over the constant pounding of the rain on their umbrellas, and the wind in everyone's ears.

Wildcat Band Parents AssembleAs the football game laboriously progressed, the band parents began their migration to the south end of the football field to be instructed on what needed to be done for the senior recognition part of the halftime show. The band director staged the parents much in the same fashion that he does every day with their children, providing instruction through his bullhorn and in some cases physically directing folks to where they needed to go. As the parents waited for the visiting band to complete their haftime program, they milled about, uncomfortable in the wind and cold (photo, left). The parents were told that due to the inclement weather conditions, as soon as the halftime was over, the students were going to return to A Hall and the band room, check in their instruments and other equipment, and then be dismissed for the night. The parents were relieved, I believe, as many of the students I observed, my own included, were soaked to the skin and shivering from the cold wind blowing on their heads, hands and legs.

Last Halftime MaliguaniaWhen the time finally came and the Wildcat Marching Band took the field, it was clear that they were all struggling, hopeful that they would make it through the show and off the field without incident. The photo, right, is of the band on the field, playing one of the young one's favorite songs for the last time. The percussionists and particularly the quads players are prominent in this piece, and the young one was looking forward to making this last time performing it be a memorable experience for all of them. In his moments of total attention to the performance, I could tell he was truly happy and enjoying himself, even though this was not the vision he had formed in his mind of how this night was going to unfold.

Good friends, good humour...Frozen in TimeOnce the band's performance was complete, the parents were to quickly take the field to meet their senior for the quickest introductions in history, nothing more than student's name and who they were accompanied by. The band director and assistant walked down the lines as the students were introduced by name, and shook the hands of both the student and the parents. The mothers were each given a single yellow rose (mine now hanging by a ribbon, head down, beginning its process to eventually become part of my dried flower arrangement in my room) and each senior given a pom-pom mum crafted into a corsage of sorts which was pinned on their rain coat.

Final View from the FieldMuch to the chagrine of the young one (not like anyone noticed or CARED for that matter) I took this last picture,left, as a reminder of what it was like to take the field as a Wildcat Band member. I am sure that the young one will not need this reminder for many years, but I hope that someday in the future, as he is thinking back on the days so long ago in high school marching band, he can look back at this picture and it will bring back the sensation, the excitement, the depth of emotion that he felt all those perfect Friday nights in the fall of the year, when he took the field with all his peers, a percussionist with "The Sylvania Northview Wildcat Marching Band".

That's it, in an entry that stretched much longer than I had anticipated...I hope you enjoyed sharing this with me....back with more tomorrow probably...till then, much love to you....