Thursday, November 02, 2006

When did THIS happen?

Today in Ohio was cool and crisp, the morning providing another very pretty sunrise and the traffic not too bad on the surface street that gets me to the expressway to go to work. When I left work tonight, however, there was wind and a significant amount of blowing SNOW! I know, can you believe it??! It is only the very beginning of November and we have already had some snow that stayed around for a little while. I very much hope that this was just a fluke....I'm not really ready for it to be winter yet!

Tonight was the Marching Band concert, where the seniors and other band members are recognized for their service to the band and the favorite music from the half time shows of this year is played one last time before they put all of it away until next summer. There was one highlight of the evening that was unexpected....the band and orchestra boosters acknowledged the significant contribution of the retired principal of the young one's high school, Kevin Gorman. When he was introduced, there was tumultuous applause and lots of love in the house..the students who knew him as principal and the community as well respect him and admire him for the exceptional person that he is. It was fantastic that the boosters honored him for his contributions and support of the music program in the school district....we are very fortunate to know him.

Will post photos about this day tomorrow...motivation lacking tonight....hope you are doing great...will be back soon with more stuff...till then, much love to you....