Friday, December 26, 2008

How can Christmas be holy and horrible at the same time?

The celebration of the birth of Christ is over, and the repercussions of the materialism sadly tied to the day have occurred. Much to my chagrin, again I become aware of seemingly perfectly normal adults (one in particular) who appear to have no grasp on reality and are lashing out like spoiled children at the perceived injustice they have suffered from the absence of an appropriate gift, one that it seems they believe they richly deserve.

I am hard pressed to understand the rationale for being angry for not getting a gift...tangible "thing" gifts are the choice of the giver...if they want to give and even more importantly if they can afford to. If a person does not receive a "thing" gift, then they can either assume that the person that they expected one from (which is a whole other conversation) either a) Did not want to buy one, or b) could not afford to buy quandry is, why in the world would you EVER contact a person after the holiday to snidely comment about "the gift you did not get"? How self centered and horribly egotistical can a person be?

In the times we are experiencing now, folks like me and my family are much more likely to forgo gifts that cost money and do not expect to receive them either....our pleasures at this holiday this year were as simple as sharing a meal together in a house that is still ours, at least for now, with electricity, natural gas for heat and water still flowing in the pipes. Our luxuries include cable TV and internet access, and cell phones to keep us in touch with each other and the world around us. My kids are working hard, and not getting paid nearly what their efforts are worth, but are grateful for a steady income. My youngest and the firstborn's sig other both have the additional burden of choosing to pursue higher education, with the additional financial strain that adds. They are succeeding in their pursuits, and those who know their struggles cheer their victories and support them when they stumble....those who are unaware or blatantly detached have no concept of the challenges that they face as they remain true to their vision for their future lives.

So about this whole "wah, wah...I didn't get a present" are way more than stuff in wrapping paper, bought with money...put under the tree at your spiffy house so everyone can see with the number of boxes how popular and well liked you are....the best gifts are the ones that require your personal commitment, not a commitment of funds....your love, your time, your support and your encouragement are the gifts that your family should be able to always depend on receiving, and if there is anyone who should be "entitled" to be resentful about not getting gifts, it is those who do not received these most important ones...

We may not have had a house filled with tattered wrapping paper on Christmas day, but we had hearts happy and filled with love for each other, and gratitude that we made it to another anniversary of the birth of Christ together...a blessing well worth counting...

That's it for now....till later, much love to you