Monday, March 31, 2008

What did I ever do.... deserve such wonderful people in my life?

Just when I feel like total crap, my best friend steps up and totally blows me away with kindness....not sure how I got so lucky, but I will be saying an extra prayer of thanks tonight for abiding love and true friends...


Just wondering....

Why do people ask if there is something wrong when they already know the answer?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Social Networking - when is it no longer flattering to be one of the "daily clicks"?

Those heavily into building their social networking online entourage have habits that they practice which become reflex over time, as they assure that all their "connections" get that personal attention that keeps them participating and part of the specific group. When these things become redundant, repetitive and programmatic, they have little meaning - nothing more than a "click, click, click" down a list and a second click to send.

This has come to be the case on some of the less popular sites, where there are bonus points awarded for every action performed, causing mailboxes to be inundated with more friend requests, gifts, and autographs than the normal adult human being with a life outside their computer could ever cope with. There is a trend toward this on the very popular and heavily trafficked Facebook, with the proliferation of poorly formed and executed applets that appear practically by the minute, imploring you to kiss, hug, give gifts, candy, flowers, and do many other things to your list of Facebook contacts. The Facebook folks have made headway to reign in the barrage of messages that were plaguing the Facebook users' notifications every day, by no longer allowing applet builders to require "inviting 20 friends" to be able to take advantage of their functionality. Unfortunately, at this point, however, Facebookers have profiles that are layered with applet frames that make viewing pages labouriously slow and cumbersome - noone wants to go LOOK at your Facebook page anymore - it just takes too freaking much effort.

Facebook was once about personal content and sharing same with people you know and connecting with folks that you would like to know. A poke was harmless fun to let a friend know you were around and thinking about them. You visited your friends pages and left comments - you messaged your friends and hooked up to do stuff - and after, you posted photos and stories and comments to let other friends know how cool everything, I don't think that anyone takes the time to go to people's Facebook pages for content anymore - its unnecessary and inconvenient - just send them a kiss or tell them you want to F*** them instead by a click and a send.

I will continue to populate my Facebook with content that means something to me, and include my work and personal friends on my contact list - I also selectively participate in some applets that I think are cute or fun....but I refuse to use any that have MISSPELLINGS or MAKE ME INVITE FRIENDS to use them....but that's just me....

That was my rant....enjoy or not, totally your call....

That's all for now - till later, much love to you,


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everybody sing!!!!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Sheryl, Happy Birthday to you....."

So, the old job has been so ingrained in my life that this morning, my cell phone and my calendar obediently reminded me of the perpetual annual event that resides on my personal calendar to prompt me to do something thoughtful for my ex-boss...the irony is that I did send an email birthday wish, with no malice seemed like a nice thing to do. Those things still come up regularly as the year goes by...things that were important in the context in which the original entries were saved to my calendar....not so much now, especially when giving consideration to all the things that have happened. But, through everything, they are all people that I know - and in the (some believe) strange way that I have of letting go, I still think of them...more with curiosity now than anything else, and often at the prompting of the calendar rather than in spontaneous mind ramblings.

In any case, I wish you well, my dear...suffice it to say that even with the daily challenges I face, I am fine...and continue to move forward and grow, as a person, and as an IT professional. Thank you for the kick in the has been a blessing in disguise.

That's all for now...till later, much love to you,


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here's a new addition to the page, if you are interested....

Check out the addition to the side bar of this can message me right from here when you cool is that?! Anyway, as long as I am using the web based messaging service Meebo you can use the message box on the right side to send me a message right from here...we'll see how it works..could be cool, or could be kinda not good, depending on random messages and spam.

If you see something you want to chat about here, give it a try...I'm usually around.

Till later, much love to you,