Monday, November 24, 2008

This is what makes this place so special.....

I am sitting at my desk, and hear behind me the sound of one of our sales managers arriving in my area of the office, one of his young children in tow....she is a sweet little girl of less than 5 and all the other ladies in the area \"OOOO\" and \"AAAHHH\" as she walks though the office, saying \"Hi!\" to all.  Daddy is here to drop off his \"Angel Tree\" gift - one of the things that we do here during the holiday season...and she is coming along to be with Daddy.

As I continue to work in my email, I hear them walk behind me toward the tree where all the folks here are depositing their gifts to give to kids during the she talks with the ladies at the other end of the building, I hear the voice of our CEO, Jim as he walks toward her and her dad....

He immediately engages her in conversation...the kind of conversation that only that certain kind of person....someone kind, attentive and tuned in....can engage a little girl in...they talk about her and her daddy...her stuffed animals...and Thanksgiving....she is obviously absolutely enthralled that this \"grown up\" has taken the time to talk with HER...even with Daddy standing right by...the focus is on the little girl...and she is enjoying every second...and you can see from his face that Jim is enjoying it as well....and he would be able to have this same conversation with any of the children whose parents work here...he cares enough to know them beyond being employees...and it is obvious that it is something that he takes a great deal of pleasure in....

This is why, even in the every day world of work, this is a different and special place to be able to spend my days....there is a force here that goes far beyond the labour....and reaches into the hearts and taps into the spirits of every person who is here together to create the things we create....

It\'s a great place to work, no doubt....for so many reasons....but the little treasures like the one that I was privileged enough to observe this afternoon, really serve to remind why, every time they occur....

That\'s all for now....much love to you


Thursday, November 06, 2008

My best received post on Webooks

Eight positive comments and five star rating ----

gal pal

hook up after work
meet at your place so you can drive your cool new car to the restaurant

I "OOO" and "Ah" and say "How sweee-eeet"
I ask about your day and about your life

You are more than willing to share all

You tell me of your wife
of your "friends"
and your struggles with your current love interest
in excrutiating detail

I have been through this before
this is not the first time I have been a "gal pal"
Your exploits do not surprise me

You are a man
getting older and unsure
with lots of bravado and the need for attention

to assure you that you are still
and cool
and vital
and desirable


and certainly NOT old

Because I do know
and understand

I smile dotingly
lean in to hang on your every word
call out the fact that the waitress is obviously smitten by you
stroke your ego

so when we part
you will feel great about yourself

and I will know that I understand you
much better
than you would ever suspect I could

That's it for now...much love to you

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Shades of Pet Semetary

Not unlike the Stephen King book, when all hope was gone and our family had gone through the horrible first days of coping with the assumed loss of our beloved cat Woz -

The young one rises early in his effort to be a good citzen and vote before he headed off to school. He went downstairs to retrieve his clothes from the dryer - and before he made it to the laundry room, turned on his heel and busted butt up to my room, where I was drying my hair, getting ready for voting then work. The hair dryer was first I did not know that he was trying to get my attention...until he pounded HARD on my door and shouted MOM!!! I turned off the hair dryer, surprised - it was out of character for him to be so vocal and animated so early in the morning. I looked at his face...and asked him what was wrong...he looked at me, excitement in his voice...Woz is home!!! He is outside on the stoop! and then he headed back down the stairs...

I followed close behind... he already had his hand on the doorhandle, ready to let the cat in. I admonished him to wait...I wanted to check his condition before I let him in...with the information we had earlier received from a supposed eye-witness, I was concerned that he would be in bad shape and would need to be transported to the vet, rather than let into the house to roam about.

I looked out the side window by the front door...Woz was anxiously looking at the door, behaving in his normal I\'m hungry, let me in sort of way. As I opened the door a smidge to take a look at him, he nosed his way in, with Emma right behind. He took the alternate route through the family room to the kitchen and the food bowls. Emma took the direct route. We all were up at this point and followed close behind. In the light of the kitchen I watched as Woz and Emma both approached the food bowls...Emma arrived Woz closed in behind her, she turned, hissed and took a far so good...the couple was fighting as if Woz had never been gone....

I dropped to my knees near Woz as he hungrily devoured some food...a hungry guy after a week away from home. He tolerated me feeling him all over to see if he was wounds...not anything visible or feel-able...only matted fur from sleeping out in the wet and weeds...he was a little skinnier...but otherwise appeared none the worse for wear...

Needless to say the family is counting their blessings...and Woz\'s lives...we figure he cashed one in on this little adventure....but he is alive, home and safe now...and we are relieved, happy and grateful...

Thank you for your support and kind words when we were hurting...I hope now that you will share our joy at Woz\'s return

Till later, much love to you



Sunday, November 02, 2008

Our family's pain

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Thank you for taking the time.

Much love to you,