Monday, December 31, 2007

Another year has slipped away...

Have I accomplished everything I intended to? Have I added value and made easier and more comfortable the lives of those I have encountered throughout the year? Do I like who I am and where I am?

Thinking about those things and looking for the answers as I leave 2007 behind and move forward into 2008. I hope that the answers to all these questions are positive for you....I am still taking stock right now, for myself.

Happy New Year to you all....and I am...until next year...yours, with much love...


Monday, December 24, 2007

Having the liberty of free expression....

is not a license to cause suffering, to be cruel or perpetuate hate.

I am not sure what it is that I want to say on this topic, but this is something that has been nagging at me in recent days. I am hard pressed...trying to figure out WHEN it became no longer necessary in our society to practice basic manners and observed a minimal amount of courtesy in our day to day dealings with others. Why has it become acceptable to treat our interactions with others as an inconvenience rather than an opportunity....what has deteriorated so significantly to make it an exception rather than the rule to encounter a person who treats others with decency, dignity and respect.

I vaguely recall a similar discussion with my mother some thirty years ago...something about "you young kids" and "respecting authority" is no longer an issue of respecting is simply the inability in this supposedly civil society to respect EACH makes me sad...and to have this most holy of times be the reason that I am so pessimistic makes me sadder still...

"Having" is not nearly as important as what you do with what you have....loving is of much more impact than being loved...doing makes more impact than "planning to do"...and being genuine in all you do is the biggest compliment you can pay everyone you come in contact with...

If I could wish anything for all this would be... to CARE...about yourself, your loved ones and friends...and the people that you see every day that you don't even's a start...and a good one....and isn't it true to the spirit of the season?

That's all the ramble for now...till later....much love to always,


Friday, December 21, 2007

No title

Tired, pissed and have nothing to say



Thursday, December 20, 2007


Sorry I have been gone so long...have had a very busy time at work and lots of other stuff going on as well...things have the probability of continuing to be busy (but in a GOOD way) but I promise to try harder to get back here to post for anyone who might actually give a crap :)

I came home from work tonight to the young one and the firstborn in the living room, with lots of cardboard boxes, what appeared to be an electronic drum kit and a "Fender" guitar...both, I was told controllers for their Xmas present to themselves, the XBox game "ROCK BAND". They were just getting things set up so I took a moment to sort through the build-up of mail and then went into the living room to scope out the situation.

By the time I sat down on the sectional couch, they were getting calibration taken care of so that the musical instrument style input devices responded appropriately as they were interacting with the game. They set up their band (The Liquid Slumber Party - I LOVE THAT!!!) and their band members (the firstborn, "Church" - lead guitar and the young one used his own name as the drummer) They played through a few songs to get a feel for things...the songs included are current, popular and some of our favs, so it makes the game that much more fun. As they played for points, I found myself singing along (anyone who knows me is not surprised at all at that)...and before I knew it I was also a member of the band as the lead singer "Rochelle", a short curvy blonde with green eyes. Once all of us were involved the fun truly began...we played some "gigs", won over lots of fans and earned a van to tour in, as well as acquired a manager....I can't wait until the next time the boys need a singer...they can SOOOOO count me in!!!

This game kicks major much more than GUITAR HERO, according to the boys, who would definitely be the expert opinion on this topic...I just really enjoyed the heck out of it...the challenge, the time with the boys...just a great time...should be a pretty fun Xmas!!!

Hope this post finds you well and enjoying all the love and companionship the holidays have to offer....until later, much love to always