Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am truly blessed...

"He will make you rich in all things so that you may be generous. Then, through us, others will have reason to give thanks to God."

(II Corinthians 9:11)


“When unfortunate things happen in our lives there are two possible results. One possibility is mental unrest, anxiety, fear, doubt, frustration and eventually depression, and in the worst case, even suicide. That's one way. The other possibility is that because of that tragic experience you become more realistic, you become closer to reality. With the power of investigation, the tragic experience may make you stronger and increase your self-confidence and self-reliance. The unfortunate event can be a source of inner strength.”

(The Dalai Lama's Book of Wisdom, 1995)


I take this time to reflect on all that has occured in the last year.

I am filled with gratitude for the health of my children and myself, and in the continued successes of the boys in their chosen courses in life. I am happy as their mother to know that they have both welcomed loving companions into their heart, to share their path and enrich their daily experiences.

To depths in my heart I was unaware of before, I am overwhelmed by the love, loyalty and support of friends far and near. My life has been rich beyond measure for so long; this year of change has shown me how truly fortunate I am.

With these things foremost in my mind on this day, I look to the quotes above, and affirm my intention to embrace them in the course of my life....To draw on the strength that has come from the experiences of the past year, and with the resources I have been given, in my personal and work relationships, to be generous, add value and create positive energy with every contact I have.

Those are the thoughts in my mind on this day....I hope that your day is filled with the things that bring you happiness and nurture your soul...much love to you on this day and always....