Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Every true genius.... bound to be naive."

- Friedrich Schiller


To follow up on yesterday's post, I was able to take some time to talk to StrollerGuy early this morning, to get the scoop on the 5K yesterday. He was still psyched and happy about his finishing, although a little modest and self-deprecating about the time. The accomplishment of finishing was the goal, and he was successful in that, so he is very much looking foreward to the next race. His dedication to his very strenuous conditioning program and tenacious drive to make running a part of his life again has been a roaring success, IMHO, and I am so very proud of him and his finish, no matter where it was in the pack. If you know StrollerGuy, or can relate to his struggle to get his game back, give him a shout out at; he would love to hear from you! Thanks loads......