Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Life belongs to the living....

.....and he who lives must be prepared for changes."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


In even what seems to be the worst of personal situations,  there can be positive aspects to focus on.  As the door to this part of my life is closing,  as is so often the case,  a new door has poked open just a crack,  and I am waiting to see what is on the other side of it.  I have high hopes for the future, one in which although perhaps poorer monetarily, I will be fulfilled and happy creatively and spiritually, which will make me a better mom,  a better friend,  a better companion and a better employee.  As the grand scheme of this experience reveals itself,  I feel assured that I will emerge a more contented person on the other side.

In my changing,  I will always treasure very many who have been and will continue to be my friends,  my confidantes and my strength.  I have been so generously blessed to know you....there is absolutely no way that I could ever repay you for your love, support and loyalty.  As the days pass,  I hope that we can continue to come together to share our bond of friendship;  my heart to heart connection with you will never fade away.

Much love to you, now and always,