Friday, October 13, 2006

<10 Friday In Ohio <20 RANDOMIZE <30 GOTO 10

GraupelAs I was getting up to my normal dose of the talking heads on the morning news, I heard the weather head mention the weird half snow, half hail deal we had yesterday about mid afternoon. It was actually cool little snow like balls falling from the cold grey sky and as they came to rest on the plants and grass outside, you could actually pick up the white little pellety things and hold them in your hands for a sec until they melted (see photo). He informed that the stuff actually has another name besides "little pellety things" and is actually called "graupel", a german word which means something like "soft hail". So, there is your (and my) useless but cool bit of knowledge for today.

Today is also the rivalry game between the young one's high school and the one that is located on the south edge of our town. We will be playing at the one good football stadium that the community has, which is on the grounds of the young one's high school, and our team will be "Home" this year, so all our folks will be able to sit in the good stands and the other team homies will sit on the away side. There will be a huge community tailgate party under a monsterous tent before the game, which of course, I will attend. The firstborn, as long as he is not deathly ill or totally tired, will be going with me, acting as my blocker, bodyguard, what have you, so that this first public experience since the official announcement will not be a problem. As is my truly annoying habit, I will, of course be snapping lots of pictures, and will bring any of interest back for you to take a peek at.

The firstborn will be bringing the Saturn home today after he goes to school this morning to do his presentation for Small Group Communications. He and his friend will be towing it with tow straps and his friend's Suburban (the old reliable work horse) and then the firstborn will be doing the vehicle ballet at my house to get everything suitably arranged. After that, he wanted to work on the blue Honda, but the weather is so cold today that it may not be possible to do so. That will have to be decided a little later once school is over for the day and he sees how the sun warms things up.

The young one home today; a horrible cold from yesterday outside for band rehearsal for an hour in the cold without his coat on is kicking his ass. There is no way he would ever miss a band performance, so he is here taking meds to see if he can sleep the illness away today enough to go to the game tonight.

That's it for now...much love to you