Monday, October 23, 2006

Cool Sunday stuff....

Jazz EnsembleYesterday was a cool and grey day in Ohio, but if you were determined to find something to do, there was definitely plenty going on. My personal day started with the young one awaking at 10 to begin a day's worth of writing to prepare a short story for his creative writing class. Ann had already started her day a while before that, having to open, which is always a pain. The firstborn kindly made the breakfast run for the young one, and soon after we went out together to get some stuff at Radio Shack and pick up a sandwich to bring home for us. Ann had a concert at UT in the afternoon, not more than an hour and a half after she got off work, and the firstborn had promised to go, so we went to UT together in the young one's soon to be car.

Wind EnsembleOrchestraWe arrive at Doerrmann Hall early, because the firstborn was transporting Ann's contrabassoon there, so she would not have to leave it in the cold car all morning, risking damage to it. Once there, we entered the hall and staked out a good spot toward the back and center, because the firstborn already knew that I would try to take a few pictures. The two here are of the groups that Ann performs with, Wind Ensemble (Left, Jason Stumbo directing) and Orchestra (right, Rico McNeela directing), and above left is the UT Jazz Ensemble.

2006 Drum Major - University of Toledo Marching BandIn all, 11 different University of Toledo music ensembles performed in this Department of Music Showcase. The culmination of the afternoon was the appearance of the University of Toledo Marching Band (at right, the drum major, conducting from the center of the auditorium)

University of Toledo drumline University of Toledo BrassThe drumline played cadence as the band rushed the auditorium, lining both outside walls, with the drumline taking over the back wall. The drum major positioned himself in the middle of the seating area so he could be seen by all, and the group played music that they usually play at pregame on football day. As I watched the drumline, I couldn't help but think, "That will be my young one next year at this time..." and as I did so I felt very proud, very old and very young, all at the same time.

After the band performance was over, everyone pretty much disbanded. We saw Ann after the concert and let her know how much we enjoyed it. She was supposed to work at her second job as well last night, so we bid her goodbye for the time being and headed home. The event lasted till after 5, so we headed back home to check on the young one to see how he was progressing on his writing. He was finessing the last bit, but I had to pass on reading right then, as I had determined that I was going to make the rehearsal for Community Band last night and had to get cleaned up and change. Did make it, but strolled in just as warmups were done, and unfortunately had to bring in a chair in the first row, causing distraction while I did so. I tried to be quick and quiet, and Dr Stumbo was tolerant and hesitated just a split second so we could get things pulled together. (great rehearsal, btw...I am really loving this!) The group will be performing publicly in December for a Christmas type concert, so there will be some definite pressure on me at least to practice more regularly...I definitely want to be a contributing member of the group, not one who is just getting drug along by the more proficient staff members.

Lastly, the Tigers played Game 2 of the World Series against the Cardinals last night, and won so that makes the series tied 1-1. The fans are still enthusiastic around here, but they are rooting at the sports bars so that is pretty easy. The weather for last night's game was a little more challenging for baseball than we have had so far, so the fans at the stadium should be commended for their tenacity on behalf of their team.

That was Sunday in Ohio...exciting to me, anyway....hope you had a wonderful enjoyable weekend....back again soon....till then, much love to you....