Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day Two - Event Summary

Today\'s main event, summarized by our Chicago Rootster, Elizabeth Kelsey


We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new game to the Root Olympics!  Yes, get excited!  It is the $100,000 Pyramid Trivia Game.  We need at least two teams of two people from each Root Olympic Team.  We are highly encouraging remote Rootsters to participate.  Please note extra participation points for remote-Rootsters!  Don’t let us down – show support for your Olympic team!

Here are the rules:

  • There will be lists of 20 words

  • Both members of the team each take a turn being the one to guess the words on the list

  • The team member not guessing, will be trying to describe the word without using the actual word in the description

  • Each member of a team will have 1 “pass” per round in case they get stuck on a word

  • No gestures allowed, this is NOT charades!  

  • The team to get the most number of points will proceed on to the next round

The $100K Pyramid Trivia Studio (aka the Birch Room) in front of a live studio audience (aka other Rootsters)
Wednesday, July 16th
11:30-12:30pm eastern
LIVE streaming from the Birch Room/Video Conference from Chicago

Team Events:
1st Place:  20 pts
2nd Place:  15 pts
3rd Place:  10 pts

Participant Points:
2 points for remote participants
1 point for all other (Sylvania-local) participants

Good luck!!



Photos to follow