Wednesday, April 04, 2007


In the vestibule, looking toward Ten Mile CreekToday, I finally visited the construction in the new building, accompanied by my partner in the plan for relocation of supplies. During our walk through, I took a LOT of photos of the “in progress” conditions, to get a feel for the reality of the floor plan we have been referring to and also because the space is so darned cool! The photo, right, is through one of the windows that gives natural light to the vestibule area, which then opens into the main reception hall for the building, with a large glass wall off to your right hand that takes you to the reception area for our company.

The ground floor still has much to be done, but the second floor walls are much finished and there is a sense of what is to come there….the colours are warm, engaging and definitely planned to stimulate the creative mind…the main client meeting area is astonishing in every way, even in its current state, with a beautiful circular window encompassing all of one wall, illuminating the room and providing an overlook to the city park and the creek that runs next to the building.

There will be a public reception for the new space, once we have moved in and set up shop there (sometime in June, I believe). I will definitely include more information here when I learn of the details. Until then, enjoy the view from the vestibule and wish our company the best as we prepare to set up a new client destination and home for all Rootsters that we can surely be proud of.

Back with more later, perhaps…till then, much love to you….