Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Holy Mazoly!!!

Listening to the morning news talking heads as I am getting ready for work and I was so taken aback by this story that I HAD to post a comment!!

In the news is Communications Officer to Toledo mayor, the honourable Carty Finkbeiner, Jason Webber...postings on his MySpace regarding his experiences in his position, containing some very personal opinions and observations have been splashed across the airwaves. In a statement from him on the website Swampbubbles[dot]com, he has made what can only be construed as an apology, a statement of support for Hizzhonor and an explanation of the content...

"The blog entry that was posted was only a portion of a larger entry, which served to update readers of my private blog of then-current events. I have reason to believe that my private blog was hacked, since my account is set to 'Private.'...."

Hmm...another good lesson, apparently....nothing that you post on the "InterWeb" is ever "private", and you never know when it will come back to bite you on the rear...hard learnings to be sure...next time, I would suggest that Jason might want to write in a journal that he can lock in a desk drawer :(

In his defense however, this information is really nothing new as far as behavior of the mayor....but to have an active member of his staff make the comments online, even to his 'private profile' friends, was obviously very ill-advised. The worst part for him is that this content now persists, in many locations, and will follow him no matter where he goes in the future.

That's what's in my head this morning...till later lots of love to you