Thursday, March 05, 2009

City of Toledo Communications Officer guy follow up

So, in the interest of making sure that I observe and comment fully, I wanted to post a tiny little blurb about what I heard on the morning news regarding the drama surrounding the communications guy for the mayor of Toledo. A very short interview was aired by a reporter from the ABC affiliate 13ABC, that featured him responding to a couple questions, in which it was revealed that after the incident was surfaced, Jason (the guy) served up his resignation to the mayor. The mayor, however, did not accept the resignation, stating that he attributed this as a mistake and the result of his lack of experience in the position. The very grateful and humble Jason publicly praised his boss (imagine that!) and made it very clear that he holds him in the highest esteem imaginable. He also has deleted that troublesome little MySpace account, from what was said in the story...which is good, because the guy who posted the excerpts that started this whole little thing on Swamp Bubbles[dot]com maintains that although he cannot say HOW exactly he was able to get the information, he did nothing illegal, immoral or fattening to get that implies to me that one of Jason's "friends" on MySpace may have had loose lips (or not know how to clear their browser cache so that pages can't be reloaded without re-logging in)

In any case, no jobs lost, a magnanimous gesture from a public figure with an unquestionably colourful all for the moment is right with the Toledo political world...I would suspect, at least for awhile, we will be hearing a lot of very positive press about the city, the mayor and the goings on in Toledo :)

That's all that is on my opinions and I label them as such...not presenting this as news AT ALL...just chatting on things I hear...till later, much love to you