Friday, January 26, 2007

On the mend...(I Think)

David Wayne Black - aka StrollerguyEveryone in the house save the young one at home right now, although except for the extreme fatigue from being ill (all asleep now but me) all seem to be hanging in. Food not an issue as noone has the inclination to eat yet, to assure that tummies calm down and the easy stuff like water and gatorade will stay down. Both Ann and the firstborn working later today, so the sleep is good for them, and having them sleeping in my room where I can keep an eye on them also helps make me feel better, since I can assure that they are OK easier that way.

While they rest and recover, I have been trying to relax and not work on stuff that I am behind on and have been thinking about. I decided to revisit a project that I was working on a long time that came to me since my hire-in at my new job. The creativity in the office inspired me to try a project similar to one that the artists execute for new hires...the "Root Wall" artist rendering of new staff. Being inspired by the awesome job that Adam did on my Root Wall portrait, I thought I would try my hand at it in a portrait for my friend "strollerguy". Take a look at the sketch at the top of this post....product of a lot of experimentation and learning....I think it is a pretty good rendering of him.

In any case, may be back with more to take a nap now...all are feeling better than yesterday and apparently on the mend...much love to you...